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About Ipswich plumber, Adrian King

Ipswich plumber

Plumber, Drainer, Gas Fitter, Backflow & Thermostatic Mixing Valve Tester.

1992 – Apprenticeship - Adrian began his 4 year apprenticeship and has enjoyed being a qualified plumber, drainer and gas fitter for the past 17 years.

Beginning his career with 6 years in residential housing and commercial projects, he learned a wide variety of tasks including laying drainage pipes under house slabs and connecting to the sewer main, installing copper water and gas pipes inside walls and connecting to the water meter, installing roofs, guttering and down pipes, and then fixing bathroom and kitchen products such as toilets, taps, hot water systems, and gas appliances etc.

1996 – Backflow Prevention - Became qualified in testing and repairing backflow prevention devices.

Wanting to expand his knowledge of the trade he then focused in the field of maintenance gas fitting and plumbing across Brisbane.  This involved repairing problems across domestic, commercial and industrial sectors including houses, high rise apartments, shops and factories.

2009 – Founded Rapidheat Gas & Plumbing - Adrian aims to provide you with a professional service that is Polite, Punctual and at a fair Price. RapidHeat will provide you with a high quality service with a high quality guaranteed repair, because that is what you are paying for, a professional gas plumber, not just a repair with poor service and poor after sales support.

2010 - Thermostatic Mixing Valves - Gained qualifications as a licensed thermostatic mixing valve tester and repairer.

2010 – Solar and Heat Pump Water Heaters - His most recent qualifications allow him to repair and install heat pump hot water systems and solar hot water systems.

RapidHeat’s fully insured and guaranteed services and their 24/7 emergency service will ensure you get the best protection for your property.

RapidHeat provides domestic & commercial services for your general gas & plumbing problems, and they also specialise in repairing technical faults with Hot Water Systems & Gas Appliances.

If you are looking for a high quality gas and plumbing service in Ipswich and surrounding areas, then talk to Adrian, he’ll be happy to help you.

Building Services Authority (BSA) License Number: 1179739

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