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Is your Contractor Licenced for your TYPE of home repairs?

Choosing to use an unlicenced contractor could cost you more by voiding your insurance protection and product warranties when something fails.

Are you willing to put yourself, family and home at risk?


Rapidheat's 8 Tips on how to choose a Licenced Trade Contractor: 

  1. Make sure the contracting business is licenced for the type of work you require. You can check  their BSA Lic No. which can be found in their advertising materials or ask to see their BSA Trade Contractors Licence card.  Then perform a free online licence search at http://www.bsa.qld.gov.au/SearchForLicensee/DisclaimerAgreeDisagree.aspx Please note, Gas Fitting, Plumbing and Drainage are three separate Trades.  It is essential the Contractor has a licence for each trade if they're performing that type of work. Do not assume all plumbers are licenced to perform gas work. Otherwise you run the risk of not being protected by insurance.

  2. Do they have a current certificate of insurance?, ie:Product and Public Liability Insurance.

  3. Do they have a website? You can collect a lot of information about their service that might save you time. Such as do they perform the type of work you require.

  4. Check or ask what written guarantees or refunds they have.  What after sales support do they offer?

  5. Do they have testimonials and photos of their work?

  6. Talk to them. Do they answer professionally, seem friendly and want to listen or do they insist on doing it their way only?

  7. If they offer free quotes, you can get a good impression of their service when meeting face to face or even just talking over the phone. Do they take pride in their business image and display this to the public?  This also shows they believe in what they're doing and that they take accountability.  Examples are car signage, uniforms, websites, business cards or magnets.

  8. Ask yourself, can you trust them in your home to perform good quality work and cleanliness?

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